Mosquito and Tick Display Repellent


  • 24 ct display includes:  18 – 4 oz mosquito repellent and 6 – 4 oz tick repellent

Mosquito Repellent

  • All natural repellent is DEET FREE
  • Non-Toxic
  • Formulated to repel mosquitoes, gnats and biting insects
  • Made with essential oils and is safe for use on kids, dogs and the environment

Ingredients: Lemongrass Oil, Geranium Oil, Peppermint Oil,
Cinnamon Oil, Water, Glycerin, Castor Oil, Lecithin, Sorbitol,
Vanillin, Gum Arabic, Vitamin E and Citric Acid

Tick Repellent

  • Formulated to repel the Deer tick and Dog tick
  • Made from blend of cedarwood oil and geraniol

Ingredients: Geraniol, Cedarwood Oil, Water, Castor Oil,
Glycerin, Vanillin, Sorbitol, Acacia Gum, Soy Lecithin, Xanthan
Gum, Vitamin E and Citric Acid

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Mosquito and Tick Display Repellent

SKU: C34261

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