Outhouse #2 Toilet Spray
Outhouse #2 Toilet Spray
"Outhouse" your #2 Toilet  Spray.  Spray 3-4 times in the toilet bowl before using to help prevent unwanted or embarrassing odors from filling your restroom and environment.
  • Deodorizes the immediate environment and odors that come up from holding tanks
  • Lubricates toilet seals due to our unique formula that contains fractionated coconut oil
  • Safe for holding tanks
  • Unique scents with long lasting odor control
  • Paraben-free and Phtlalate-free
  • Up to 100 applications using 4 sprays per bottle
  • Box of 12
  • Two scents Citrus OH3705 or Citrus Spice OH9401
  • Made in USA
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