6010 Induction Interface Disk
6010 Induction Interface Disk
The Interface Disk allows you to use any cookware with your induction cooktop.  Works with portable units as well as most drop in hobs.
  • 8″ diameter surface
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heat proof handle
  • Saves you money by not replacing expensive cookware!
Applications:  use with any cookware including copper, aluminum, non-magnetic stainless steel, etc.
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6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop
6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop
A portable 120V, 1800W induction that uses digital and simple touchpad controls to select all operations. It features several cook settings for flexibility depending on how the user likes to cook.
  • 10 heat mode settings (from 500W-1800W)
  • 15 temperature mode settings in 25° increments (from 100°F to 450°F)
  • One-touch Simmer and Boil buttons
  • 180-minute programmable timer
  • Lock to prevent settings changes
  • LCD display and touchpad controls
  • Conforms to ETL (UL 1026 standards)
Digital Choice Induction Cooktop
  • 10 heat mode settings (from 500W-1800W)
  • 15 temperature mode settings in 25° increments (from 100°F to 450°F)
  • One-touch Simmer and Boil buttons
  • 180-minute programmable timer
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6600 Digital Induction Cooktop 18XL
6600 Digital Induction Cooktop 18XL
Induction cooking in an Extra Large size. The 18XL model features a larger cooking deck and more powerful 9-inch induction system to accommodate cookware up to 14 inches. It includes a wireless temperature probe to keep food at the precise temperature you set. 1800W/120V AC The 18XL is our most robust, household induction cooktop to date. This full-featured model offers the most precise temperature control and extra large cooking deck available in a 120V AC unit.


Precisely control food temperature at your desired setting when using the included temperature probe.


Larger cooking deck and internal 9-inch induction system accommodates cookware up to 14 inches.


Create your own time and temperature programs for sous vide, slow cooking, or other stage cooking.


  • 1800W/120VAC
  • LCD Display and Push-To-Set Control Knob
  • Touchpad controls
  • 21 Temperature settings (100F to 450G)
  • 10 Power level settings (500W to 1800W)
  • Programmable cooking
  • Timer up to 6 hours (on lower temperatures)
  • One Touch Simmer & Boil
  • Program lock
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Eazy BBQ
Eazy BBQ


A revolutionary, clean, easy to use and 100% ecological way of grilling. Simply light the box and you are ready to go!
  • CHEMICAL FREE – No lighter products needed
  • CLEAN – No dust, thanks to its plastic wrapping
  • LONG LASTING – With high calorific power
  • NATURAL OAK CHARCOAL – Preserves and enhances food flavors
  • VERY EASY to light, transport and store
  • CONVENIENT – Perfect for outdoor charcoal grills, barbecues and smokers
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Eazy BBQ Disposable Grill
Eazy BBQ Disposable Grill
  • DISPOSABLE CHARCOAL GRILL – Eazy Grill is the ultimate ready-to-use cooking grill. Conveniently barbecue your favorite foods on the go and say goodbye to messy grills, no clean-up required
  • GRILL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – ultra portable and lightweight, conveniently take your Eazy Grill with you. It’s ideal for outdoor parties, picnics, the beach, tailgating events and camping trips
  • EASY TO USE – assemble the grill in minutes and simply light using 1 match. Each grill gives up to 1.5 hours of dependable cooking, safely dispose or recycle once you’ve finished grilling
  • MOUTH-WATERING TASTE – the all-natural charcoal gives a yummy, char-broiled flavor to your grilled burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and wings. Impress your guests with little effort
  • Includes everything you need to cook : recyclable aluminum foil pan, grill grate, heat-protective stand and 100% natural charcoal
  • Lights with one match
  • 100% Natural Charcoal
  • Perfect for tailgate parties
  • All natural charcoal; no chemicals, additives or fillers that would leave nasty residue on food
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Urban Grill
Urban Grill
  • This gas grill uses propane as its source of fuel.
  • This propane grill features 2 independently adjustable burners.
  • This camping stove is made of cast aluminum making it very lightweight.
  • This barbeque grill has been made to last you for years to come.
  • This grill is portable and very travel friendly, making it perfect for camping.
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